Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scan a photo and write a paragraph.

Scan one of the photos I have at my desk. In your journal write the first words that come to mind when viewing the image. Explain in a paragraph how that word is visually connected to the image. Describe the composition talking about the basic shapes that make up the image and how they are placed to make up the composition.

The word that first comes to mind when I see this photo is reckless. I see these three boys immediately jumping right after one another with no idea of what is beneath them and the fact that they will probably land right on top of each other. This photo has very unteresting depth of field. You can see what is in the background but it seems as if it is foggy and that's the reason it is unclear. Also, the photographer most likely zoomed in on the three boys jumping in the water. Also the photo came from a book of photos entitled  "Street Games." This makes these boys seem even that much more reckless.    

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