Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Line Photos

I like how this photo has a line that draws your eye all the way down the road even though it's not straight.
I like this photo because you eye is also drawn to the middle and then you want to follow the line all the way up even though it's not straight but you want to see where it goes.
This photo has a really creepy feeling and I love how the line goes all the say back and disappears into the fog.
I like how this photo just has an overwhelming number of line in the power lines going in every direction. It also has a line of cars and buildings.

 This photo has a disturbing effect on me. It immediately reminds me of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. It has the intersecting lines (power lines) and rule of thirds. The coloring also makes for an unsettling mood.

This photo makes me think of New Mexico or Arizona. It has the rule of thirds and the lines in the sand are incredible. Especially to think that they are natural.

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