Monday, October 18, 2010

Critique on Shutter Speed Pictures

Give an honest critique of your personal stop action/motion blur images.  Are you happy with them?  If so, what do you like?  If not, what would you change?  Is there anything you could improve upon?

I was actually not quite clear with this assignment. I really loved the picture I took of my cat when he was in the air to give the allusion that he was flying. This was a great fast shutter speed picture and I really captured the moment; however if I could do it again I would have followed the cat in the air while looking through my camera. I also took a picture of the house which I loved because it had the shadows and great contrast and it was a very sharp image. This was also a fast shutter speed picture though. If I could re-shoot this roll, I would like to lay on the ground in a crowded hall way and use a really slow shutter speed to capture everyone's feet walking. 

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