Friday, October 22, 2010

From the DVD 2

2. Why do you think Jim Brandenburg decided to take on a project where he allowed himself only one photograph every day for 90 days?

      Jim Brandenburg probably had multiple reasons for chosing to limit himself to one photo a day. First of all I though it might be because he said he had an "addiction" to photography. Maybe he wanted to break his addiction and realize how much we take photography for advantage. Then I began to think how much film and digital photography differ. You don't think nearly as much before you take digital images because it doesn't cost you anything and you can take them and see them immediately. In film photography you have to be incredibly cautious what pictures you take because first of all you can't see it so you're relying on yourself that the picture and lighting is correct. I think Brandenburg wanted to make himself not only save money, but also have to think a lot more before he actually had to take the picture and gain a better appreciation for his work.

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