Friday, January 7, 2011


 I love the interesting angle of this photo.
 I am immediately attracted to the eyes in this photo.
 I first notice the eyes in this photograph as well.
 I really love the simple yet interesting background of this photo. It keeps the attention on the subject and I like the unusual look on her face. It makes it very unique.
 I like the framing in this portrait. It immediately draws your attention to the eyes.
 I love the angle of this photo and the unusual look on her face. Also it is completely natural.
 This photo has great framing and colors which draws your eye to the eyes.
 I like the rule of tirds and depth of field in this photo.
 I love the color scheme, rule of thirds and idea in this picture.

 This is a really unique picture and it really catches your eye.
 I LOVE the positive energy in this picture and the great contrast.
This photo has an interesting angle and it's very obscure yet unique.

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