Friday, January 7, 2011

National Geographic DVD

·         List 5 ideas (compositional approaches, lighting techniques, etc.) that you noticed in the DVD that would make you a better photographer.

             1. Have lots of patience and realize that a good photograph takes time.
             2. Have an open mind.
             3. Have a very good knowledge and experience with the equipment you're using. 
             4. Recognize the moment. Be aware of your surroundings and know when something   
                  picture worthy is about to happen.
             5.  Have a vast knowledge of photography and an idea of what you want to capture.

·         Describe your favorite photographer in the DVD.  Let me know why you liked their approach or style.
        I don't remember her name but in the beginning of the film here was a photographer traveling on the train and she walked out in between the cars while it was going around a turn to take a picture of the back of the train and the scenery around it. I loved how fearless and dedicated she was to getting a great picture.
·         What was your favorite photograph?  Why?

        I really liked the photograph of the Afghan girl with the amazing green eyes. I know this is a popular favorite but it really stood out to me and I could feel the emotions in the picture because of the disturbing look in her eyes.

·         Did any of these photographs help reinforce some of the ideas that we have discussed in photography class?  List and describe at least two that you noticed.

        The girl with the green eyes is a great example of a portrait and conveying a message. It also has great lighting and rule of thirds.
        There was an incredible picture of some huge trees with snowy mountains in the background. It had incredible lighting and great depth of field.

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