Friday, September 24, 2010

Pictures I Would Like to Take

1. A close up of a flower with the rest of the flowers in the back blurred.
  • low aperture and middle shutter speed
2. Shot of someones face that looks like a spiral
  • turn camera upside down while taking photo
3. Someone running and freezing them in time
  • HIGH shutter speed
4. Someone running blurred
  • Low shutter speed. one second
5. Shot of feet of people walking through hall.
  • low shutter speed
6. Old Dirt Road
  • great depth of field. (shutter speed depepnding on time of day
7. Railroad tracks
  • same as old dirt road. 9great depth of field) shutter speed and aperture depening on light and time of day. focused all the way back.
8.  Successful picture of a sunset
  • not sure. would have to experiment with the light meter
9. House or building with light hitting it an interesting way
  • later on in day around 4 or 5 high shutter speed
10. An intense action shot of a sport
  • high shutter speed and aperture would depend on light meter

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